About Us

Byly Laboratories was founded in 1942, in Barberà del Vallès, a small Spanish town located just a few kilometres outside of Barcelona. Since its inception, Byly Laboratories has been manufacturing and marketing cosmetic products for skin care and hygiene.

Every day, we virtually reinvent ourselves by developing top-quality products that are in line with your expectations. Taking our inspiration from nature, we select only the finest of those ingredients that are best suited to the cosmetic benefits of each product. Every day, we discover another little secret that allows us to continue evolving on an ongoing basis. Our priority is to provide you, our customers, with effective, irresistible products at affordable prices.


At Byly, we have managed to win over millions of customers throughout the world with our broad range of products, including deodorants, hair removal creams, and foot care solutions. Thanks to your support, we can look to the future with optimism, and take up new challenges with total equanimity.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to create products of the highest quality. Maintaining a close relationship with you allows us to discern your expectations, so as to better meet them. For over 50 years, we have been listening to you, with the aim of offering products that are ideally suited to every stage of your life.

We relentlessly explore what nature has to offer, with a view to revealing your skin’s natural beauty and enhancing your well-being. We therefore select our raw materials with great care, and control the development process by strictly adhering to quality control standards. Furthermore, we feel strongly about respecting nature and the environment, and strive to ensure that they are preserved.


Our Headquarters

Barcelona, Spain

Research and Development

A company structure that is designed to grow and to maintain the best working environment allows the Byly Laboratories team to offer the response capability needed to compete on an international level.

The Byly Laboratories Research and Development Department is a fundamental part of the Organization. A highly specialized team, the constant exchange of information on an international level, and an optimal infrastructure allow for the development of new products, testing, the study of new production methods, and the ongoing quality control of Byly products.

As proof of all of the above, the Byly Laboratories quality control system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2002 standards.