Ultra-effective, yet extra-gentle protection

At Byly Laboratories, we’ve chosen to incorporate Silk Protein into some of our products because of its nourishing powers and the silky smoothness it lends sensitive skin. Our Sensitive line, which is fragrance-free, has been developed specifically to minimize the risk of allergies and help prevent irritations. It is specially formulated to protect your skin, while respecting the natural process of perspiration.

Sensitive Silk Cream

Deodorant cream long lasting – 72H

Odor free instant cream Body-Deodorant. Thus allowing normal and healthy perspiration. Its action lasts after bathing.

Alcohol free, aluminium free and paraben free.

Dermatologically tested.

Sensitive Stick

Deodorant stick with silk proteins and aluminium free, effectively fighting odor caused by perspiration for sensitive skins.

Alcohol free, control odors of perspiration effectively, 24hours protection, no white marks.

Sensitive Roll-On

Antiperspirant roll-on with silk proteins for sensitive skins.

Alcohol free, efficient perspiration control, 48hrs protection, no white marks.