Stay ultra-fresh all day long!

Byly's line of deodorants gives you protection adapted to every need.

Active Sport Roll-On

Anti-perspirant it’s unique with microsponges formula, 48 hrs efficacity and paraben free

Fresh dynamic effect controls the perspiration odors efficiently and reduce the sensation of wetness.

Active Sport Stick

Stay fresh all the day!

Anti-perspirant stick with silk proteins and with its new, unique micro-sponge formula, absorbs sweat or odor in extreme situation.

Alcohol free, efficient perspiration control, 48hrs protection, no white marks.

Marine ROLL-ON

Anti-perspirant with algae extract -48hrs efficacity- paraben free

Controls the perspiration odours efficiently providing maximum protection. Its new formula with Algae extract offers a greater smoothness, respecting and taking care of skin.

MEN Roll-On

Its new formula contains twice as many deodorising agents; intelligent active substance that absorb sweat and odour when you need it, even in extreme situations.

Its cool and revitalising scent will give you a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Anti-perspirant, up to 72 hours of protection and care. Formulated to minimise the appearance of white marks on clothing.

MEN Stick

Anti-perspirant deodorant with double active deodorants absorbs both sweat and bad odours. Also, It provides you with protection and wellness control even in the most extreme situations, when you most need it. Efficacy and care up to 48hrs.

Odor protection 48hrs, paraben free.